Squishy Bags you can “Write” on!


Work on shapes, letters, numbers, sight words, etc. using a multi-sensory approach! A very simple activity you can do using everyday items around your home. Combines visual and tactile learning! 👀 💛🖐🏼🤚🏼


✔️Zip lock bag

✔️Clear hair gel

✔️Food coloring (we used “Neon” food dye for a vibrant color)

✔️Glitter or other flat sparkly craft items

✔️Q-tip (optional)

1. Squeeze hair gel, food dye and glitter into a zip lock bag and squeeze to mix around and combine. *You can use duct tape along the top of the bag for an extra tight seal.

2. Lay bag on a flat surface and smooth out to distribute evenly over the entire baggie. The amount of hair gel you squeeze into the bag will be dependent upon how large or small the ziplock bag is that you’re using. General rule is to squeeze in enough so that a very thin layer covers the entire baggie.

3. Have fun using your finger (or a Q-tip) to write on top of the bag!

*TIP: It’s important that you sit with your child to make sure he/ she is using proper letter formation (starting lines/ strokes from the top, down.)

View the video below for a comprehensive step by step guide!


Author: Christina Kozlowski, Occupational Therapist and Owner, Sensory TheraPLAY Box.


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